Top Energy Compliance Consultancy of Kent goes to … GreenFish Consulting!!!




GreenFish Consulting have been awarded the Best Energy Compliance Consultancy in Kent as BUILD Magazine Announces the Sustainable Building Awards 2016.

United Kingdom, October 2016 – BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards.

The last few decades have seen the green construction market evolve from a niche sector to a key contributor to the wider construction industry. Evolutions in technology, marketing and consumer expectations have driven vast growth in the market and provided many firms with the opportunity to showcase their creative flare and innovative thought processes.

The Sustainable Building Awards 2016 are focussed on rewarding the efforts of the individuals and firms who have helped shape the world of Eco-friendly and Sustainable buildings across the globe.

Kaven Cooper, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “With these awards, we pay tribute to the outstanding firms and individuals who are dedicated to supporting the environment and all those who live in it. I am proud to be able to turn the spotlight on these exemplary firms and individuals and would like to wish them continued success in the future.”

GreenFish Consulting is an energy efficiency and compliance consultancy with strong experience in public sector construction. Director Daniel Smith talks us through the firm and the wide range of services it offers.

Established in 2010, GreenFish Consulting, a subsidiary of JCML consulting, started out supplying energy performance certificates.

Since inception the firm has grown, and now supports clients across a wide range of industries with their energy compliance and sustainability, as Daniel explains.

“Here at GreenFish Consulting we support a wide range of clients, primarily architects and large organisations, in all aspects of their energy compliance and sustainability, including providing thermal assessments, renewable energy advice and support throughout every stage of the build. We have worked with larger clients, such as the NHS, banks and schools, as well as smaller organisations.”

“We also undertake some residential work, assisting clients with SAP compliance and refitting energy solutions. As such projects, we work on can range from huge hospitals spread across several sites to minor repairs and additions on an existing residential property.”

Within the suitable building market, Daniel has seen a marked rise in consumer understanding in recent years.

“There has been a marked increase in client awareness since our inception, as knowledge grows that there are more options out there which are both more sustainable and cost efficient.

“When we first started we were usually contacted towards the end of the project to act as a box ticking exercise. Now we are seeing a rise in clients seeking pre-planning support services, and as such we are able to provide clients with solutions which will save them energy and money in the long term.”

Moving forward, Daniel is keen to express his excitement for the future of the company as it seeks to build upon its current success.

“In the future we foresee continued growth, as we carry on expanding into new markets in order to better support our clients, whilst at the same time retaining the level of quality which we pride ourselves on.”

Please visit where you can view the full list of winners.