And the results are in! GreenFish Consulting have been awarded Best Energy Consultancy in the South East

2017SEastWinner-EnergyConsultant (002)

Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes Awards 2017 have awarded GreenFish Consulting as the Best Energy Consultancy in the South East.

GreenFish Consulting attended the presentation evening at the Hilton in Gatwick on Wednesday 29th March, and much to their surprise and delight were awarded the best energy consultancy in the South East, and are now looking forward to the National Awards in September 2017.

The Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes Awards are focussed on beating fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions in the UK. The regional awards were introduced in 2014, and were to help recognise local companies who encouraged best practises within the Energy Industry to improve housing stock.


Since inception the firm has grown, and now supports clients across a wide range of industries with their energy compliance and sustainability, as Daniel Smith, Director, explains.

“Here at GreenFish Consulting we support a wide range of clients, in all aspects of their energy compliance and sustainability, including providing energy efficiency advise and support through every stage of a project.  We have worked with large clients, such as local councils and housing associations, UK Schools, PRP Architects, NHS, and Savills as well as smaller organisations and general members of the public.”

“There has been a marked increase in client awareness since our inception, as knowledge grows that there are more options out there which are both more sustainable and cost efficient.

“When we first started we were usually contacted towards the end of the project to act as a box ticking exercise. Now we are seeing a rise in clients seeking pre-planning support services, and as such we are able to provide clients with solutions which will save them energy and money in the long term.”

Moving forward, Daniel is keen to express his excitement for the future of the company as it seeks to build upon its current success.

“In the future we foresee continued growth, as we carry on expanding into new markets in order to better support our clients, whilst at the same time retaining the level of quality which we pride ourselves on.”