Office LED Lighting

LED Lighting Refit of 117 Silverdale Road (GreenFish Office)


Electricity prices have more than doubled in the past 8 years and we can see them continuing to rise. With this in mind any reductions on electricity usage will have savings with immediate effect. Within this case study we are looking at the change from standard lighting to a full LED strategy.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) uses advanced semi-conductor technology to generate light. LED lighting is sometimes classed as too harsh, too cold and poor quality, however, this is very dependent on what fittings are used and in what scenario. LED has in fact, become the go-to light source for residential and office based lighting design, given its efficiency, lifespan and ability.

For the design of our office we have chosen a cool light rendering as this has a crisper light office based work.

The Site

The Site is a 2 story office comprising of 5 zonesground-planbase-plan

The basement Level has an open office with a storage area.  Before upgrading it had 5 x standard T8 florescent tubes, 4 of which use 58w and 1 using 38w to power, totalling 270w.

The ground floor has a Meeting/Reception, Office, Kitchen, W/C and Print Room. Before upgrading it had 3 x standard T8 florescent tubes, 2 of which use 58w and 1 using 70w. Also there was 1  CFL (Compact Florescent Lamp) using 22w and 1 halogen lamp using 60w, all totalling 268w.



Before undertaking the replacement of the fittings an energy metering system was installed, this is currently live and can be see in operation by clicking on the link.



This system enables us to actively monitor and review our ongoing energy usage, if we can see what is using power we can then react to this.

The Lighting replacement was undertaken as follows:


All T8 tubes replaced with retrofit 20w LED tubes dropping the total wattage from 270w to 100w


Ground Floor

We replaced 2 x T8 florescent tubes 58w with 20w LED tubes,  1 x T8 florescent tubes 70w with a 28w LED tube and 1 x CFL 22w with 4 x 7.5 LED GU10 fittings (the extra light was needed within the room for display lighting). We also replaced 1x halogen 60w with a 12w LED bulb dropping the ground floors wattage from 268w to 110w.


This has resulted in an overall drop from 538w to 210w without any reduction in useful light output. With the lighting upgrades and behavioural changes the cost of power for lighting the property is significant, £12.38 in August 2015 compared with just £2.31 in August 2016 for the whole month.

A total saving of 10.07 pcm.


Cost of lighting

T8 direct replacements £24.00 each, LED GU10 £7.00 each, LED halogen replacement bulb £5.00 each, total cost for office refit £225.00

Based on the savings in August this is a payback in just under 2 years.

We hope that you found this of interested if you should require any further information please contact us.