Stefano Cappuccini – Director

DEA, NDEA Levels 3, 4, SAP
01892 300 380 / 07973 862 889

Stefano has a Bsc HONS degree in design and construction management and has worked in the industry for many years, giving him extensive experience of the construction and building industry. Stefano is a fully trained and accredited Domestic and Commercial Energy Assessor.

He has experience in RDSAP, ISBEM, Hevacomp, Design builder, IES and OR calculation and how these methods may be applied to produce and lodge EPCs for large portfolios of customers and to quality check submitted data from external sources used in the production of EPCs.

Stefano has undertaken energy audits for high value client projects and is an expert at identifying energy savings, producing on energy usage reports and in providing recommendations on how Co2 emmisions can be improved.

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