Thermal Modelling

The advantages of thermal modelling are many, not only do they provide a much more detailed analysis of a building’s design however can also be used to identify potential problems and advise on cost effective solutions at design stage. Through thermal modelling we can advise clients, architects and the design team in understanding how design decisions will influence energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal comfort and other building performance metrics

At GreenFish Consulting we utilise the IES Virtual Environment and Apachesim engine to create and analyse thermal models of our client’s buildings, this allows us to assess all thermal aspects of the design and investigate the following:

Part L2A Compliance

Heating / Cooling Loads


Thermal Comfort (TM52 / Breeam Hea04, HTM03 etc.)

Air Quality / CO² Density

Passive Design Strategies

Benefits of LZC Technologies

Energy Consumption and Carbon emissions

Building Fabric Performance

Variable occupancies and building use

The impact of building geometry and layout on the performance


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