Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

All new buildings, domestic and commercial must attain a rating greater than the target rate for their annual carbon dioxide emissions. This exacting target represents a 20% improvement on the 2002 Building Regulations. This new single method of compliance replaces the multiple compliance routes set out in 2002, but does however, allow some flexibility to the designer in choosing to improve combinations of the building fabric, plant efficiency and consideration of renewable schemes.

Part L1 of the Building Regulations came into effect in April 2002. These amendments insist upon the calculation of a SAP rating for all new dwellings and those converted through material change of use.

The requirements also necessitate that the Rating is displayed in the property upon completion. SAP is the current ‘Energy Audit’ process and scores a building for Energy Efficiency between 1 and 100.

The SAP procedure for domestic buildings has been upgraded to SAP 2005, incorporating lighting energy, renewable and energy saving technology and takes into account the effects of thermal bridging.


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