Land Registry Lease Plans

What are they?

A lease plan is an accurate measured plan showing the extent of the property and land for leaseholders.  It may also show communal areas and rights of way associated with the lease.

All plans show a location plan on the ordnance survey map, preferably showing roads and junctions, enabling the property to be identified easily.

All plans must show a location plan with sufficient detail to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map, preferably showing roads and junctions. Internal lease plans should show where the property falls in relation to the external footprint of the building, which floor it relates to and be drawn to a suitable metric scale. The plan sheet should also have a north point and scale bar, with scale stated in the title block.

Why do I need a new lease plan?

The Land Registry implemented new regulations on October 13th 2003, with the following:

  • It is the first time a leasehold property is registered
  • When a leasehold property is sold with 7 or more years remaining on the term
  • When a lease is extended
  • When the extent of the property or land alters.


How can GreenFish Consulting help?


GreenFish Consulting provide many commercial and domestic agents and property owners with lease plans across the south east. We will always provide a draft lease plan within 48 hours from the site survey.  We can also provide a discount if combining our service along with an EPC for example.

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