Energy Monitoring and Management

What we offerenergy-monitoring-service

Our energy monitoring program service brings different levels of energy saving investigations into one holistic approach.

We can measure any utility giving you the most detailed real-time readings in the industry. In short, our systems can you help you to understand where your money is being spent, and then show you how to save it.

We want all of our clients to understand certain patterns within their organisation which is why our system is user friendly. GreenFish Consulting provide simple to use interfaces, custom built utility grade rating engine and energy alerts saving your company time and money.

Our energy monitoring and management packages are flexible and are entirely bespoke dependent on your demand. We can assist you for as long as you need us, no job is too big or too small. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

Questions and answers

What are the benefits of monitoring our energy?

Management of energy is often overlooked, even though there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs. UK organisations need decisive information on the energy performance of their buildings. It is paramount to be able to evaluate the impact of investments in energy efficiency, on decreasing energy consumption and improving thermal comfort and health of their staff.

In short the benefits of monitoring your energy include:

  • Increased profit margin
  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease in carbon emissions
  • Improved reputation


What makes our system stand out from the crowd?

Our energy monitoring system is an all-encompassing solution for any building that uses energy. We can measure exactly how much energy is being used, and by what, in real time at a circuit level, rather than a building level. The data is recorded every four seconds, and relayed every six seconds, giving you the most accurate, real time consumption information available in the market.

Our systems can offer:

  • Graphic detailing, using real-time usage, showing individual appliances or circuits.
  • Multi-site management tool.
  • Consumption or event-based alerts via email or sms, alerting you of situations which could potentially save your business time, money and even its reputation!
  • Day to day user interface, allowing buildings to keep track of its day to day energy use, as well as put an end to estimated billing.
  • Create cost and carbon savings – limiting your knock-on effects and increasing your profitability.


We can measure all aspects of utility usage including:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Renewables
  • Water


What is the financial gain from monitoring our energy usage?

You will find that simply knowing where the power is being consumed, and being able to see your usage in real time will lead to energy savings of up to 20%, as small behavioural changes are inevitable and are surprisingly large contributors to buildings energy use.

Without knowing exactly how much and where your utilities are being consumed, it is almost impossible to improve it. With a monitoring solution this could be detected straight away and the actual building energy consumption used to determine the areas where savings can be made most quickly and to the greatest cost effectiveness.
Energy monitoring should be used as the start of a long term aim. It is about gathering and analysing the data, then utilising that information to implement changes. To maximise financial gain, energy monitoring should be used as part of a wider management programme.


To see the software in action click here and enter user name: greenfish and password: password to see our GreenFish office consumption.


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