Energy Monitoring Service now available

We are now offering the Energy Monitoring Service that you have been looking for….

Bringing you…..results!

Our Energy Monitoring Program Integrated Service brings different levels of energy saving investigations into one holistic approach.

We can measure any utility giving you the most detailed real-time readings in the industry.  In short, we help you to understand where your money is being spent, and then show you how to save it.

Our systems can offer:
Graphic detailing, using real-time usage, showing individual appliances or circuits.
Multi-site management tool
You can opt for consumption or event-based alerts that come to you via email or SMS, alerting you of situations which could potentially save your business time, money and even its reputation.
Detailed reports – showing either specific circuit groups or historical periods. The choice is yours.
The benefits of Energy Monitoring in simple terms can create an overview of:
How much gas, electricity, oil or water you are using
What you use it for and find out how much you are wasting
What we can do, in order to reduce the consumption, thus creating cost and carbon savings – limiting your knock-on effects and increasing your profitability.
Our service is completely flexible; we provide what the management and the building/s need.

For further information, contact our team on 01892 300450 or

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