From 1st April 2018, The Energy Efficiency Regulations 2015 dictate that all commercial property owners must
upgrade their properties to an EPC rating of at least grade ‘E’ before they can issue any new or renew existing leases.
By 2023,this will also include leases with existing tenants.

The regulations will apply to any property let on a tenancy which is not dwelling, subject to some exceptions.

Landlords that rent out a non-compliant property for three months or more could be fined £10,000 or 20% of the
rateable value of the property, whichever is greater. The maximum penalty for non-compliance is £150,000.

At GreenFish, our assessors have significant experience with large commercial properties, including those with
atrium space where our level 5 accredited surveyors can provide EPC certificates and advice. We offer aggressive pricing and rapid, high quality delivery.  Contact us on or 01892 300450 for more information or a no obligation quotation.

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